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Constant research and innovation
for an entirely MADE IN ITALY

The STAMP FOIL SPA was established  in Lamporecchio in the Province of Pistoia in 1968 thanks to a successful  intuition of its founder Mr. Gettulio Cenci. He was the first in Italy to test and introduce the production of tapes for hot stamping foil.

Widely used in the  footwear industry, the hot stamping foil tapes  produced by the  STAMP FOIL SPA, in the late 70s  were introduced in other  areas that  were emerging and at the same time  strategic for the company: the graphic/ paper- industry area  and the tanning and imitation leather area. All this was made possible thanks to the company’s intuition  and a constant  research  always based on  the product’s high quality and exclusivity.
It was in the  tanning  and  artificial leather field  that  the company, in the early 80s, started to take its first steps developing an highly innovative offer, characterized since its birth, by a  entirely MADE IN ITALY production. Thanks to the  nearness of a very important tanning pole  like  Santa Croce in the Province of Pisa and the co-operation with the  leading companies in this sector , the STAMP FOIL SRL has  consolidated over the years its role  as the absolute protagonist within its reference markets .
The ambition and  ability to believe strongly in a project that at the beginning seemed to lack any perspective , are the crucial guidelines that have led the company to hold its current  position as  unquestioned actor both in the Italian  and foreign market .

Today the company covers an area of 10,000 square meters in which there is the entire production chain, totally focused on maintaining  the outstanding quality standards that have always characterized the production.
Dynamism and flexibility of the whole production cycle are in fact guaranteed by  the company’s nature of "family business". This characteristic  allows the company  to better cope with  the sudden trend’s changes of an ever-changing market.

The objectives that have always characterized the company are: the constant search for quality and innovation and the  absolute protection of the entirely MADE IN ITALY production. This aspect has  distinguished the STAMP FOIL SRL within its own peak markets, since the beginning.