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Constant research and innovation
for an entirely MADE IN ITALY

The production process takes entirely place  inside the firm  so that the constant  monitoring of all production stages can be ensured. Compliance with high quality standards and the great dynamism that characterizes the entire production chain are  the targets that the STAMP FOIL SRL  daily sets  and are constantly reached  thanks to  its efficient organizational structure.
The use of prime quality raw materials that are necessary to achieve  quality standards of high level is  what has characterized the STAMP FOIL SRL since its establishment in the sixties. The constant investments and the significant business resources  assigned  to the Production Area have allowed over  time the ever increasing  strengthening of a specialized and advanced department.
In 1998, the company has taken full control of  the Semico Srl (Ltd), a company of the group STAMP FOIL SRL specialized in the metallization on behalf of third parties in the flexible packaging market, that today is  an integral  part of the whole production chain.

The production process consists of a highly specialized department whose primary task is the preparation of the 'basic elements' needed for the foil production , the preparation of solutions used in the production and the  milling of pigments used.
Upstream of the production process, the Supply Area within the company has the task  to follow in very detailed way  the entire phase aiming at a constant monitoring and optimizing the best purchase of raw materials of first choice, a key condition to  guarantee stability to  the entire production.
Thanks to a constant research and innovation, and  targeted investments, it has been reached an important increase with respect to the production volumes. Even today, the STAMP FOIL SRL thinks  to reach  even higher  and more important  production levels within the next years.