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Constant research and innovation
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Person in charge
Dr Morosi Carolina

The R & D Area is made up of highly specialized laboratories dealing with research and development and quality control. Both have been opened recently. Thanks to the use of specialized tools ensuring  the  total reliability and the perseverance of high standards of products quality and thanks to a very strong internal inclination to protect the  customer’s  needs, a special attention is given to a continuous updating of the quality control methodologies.
All articles, in fact, are tested in our laboratory that deals  daily with the simulation of the specific applications of each customer so that  to ensure the reliability of the product before it is delivered to the dealer or end user.
Inizio modulo
The total flexibility of the organizational structure allows us to study in close collaboration with the customer, the  unique and customized solutions required to achieve important diversification strategies within his own market.

In 2010 as well, the company has provided its customers a service that gives the possibility to develop an in-depth study on the technical requirements of their products according to the methods of analysis required and recognized by the reference market. This department provides a official and  guaranteed certification concerning the tests that have been made.