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High quality standards

Person in charge
Mr. Morosi Filippo

It represents the reference area for the company. The STAMP FOIL SRL, after years of close collaboration with the realities of the most important national and international market , offers a unique and wide range of application solutions: metallic transfer applications in total more than 200 colors of silk and shiny metal, metallic transfers for partial applications ; personalized and multicolor design metal prints. The very high quality standards  the  STAMP FOIL SRL  an undisputed leader in the field of  metallic transfers for the tanning and synthetic industry.
Over the years the evolution of this market has affected the entire production chain  of the company forcing the STAMP FOIL SRL  to respond quickly in terms of competitiveness aimed at quality.
In 2006, just to meet the demands of the market, was  opened a new laboratory devoted entirely to the development of tests on finished products supplied by the customer with the further aim to improve and enhance the quality and the direct contact with customers.